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Welcome to the National Network of Research and Development Support Units for health care research in England. We are a group of professional research support units funded by the National Co-Ordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development (part of NHS R&D) in order to support high quality and multi-disciplinary health and social care research. We do this by running various courses and training programmes, increasing research awareness through local and national meetings, collaborating in research and sometimes leading research

Medical research is a branch of science with a great commitment in supporting medical practice through knowledge establishment and in the development of new therapeutic remedies. This research is mostly undertaken by biomedical scientists and biologists incorporation with chemists and physicist.

This research is normally done on humans and a very effective code of practice has to strictly be followed. This is done in line with medical research ethics as set in different locations and also on an international basis. The recent efforts by scientists and engineers globally have taken science and technology to astounding heights. This has seen the development of outstanding inventions of cutting-edge laboratory equipments that have been used to help biologists and chemists in carrying out research leading to the establishment of new and more effective therapeutic measures. This has played a major role in the current human longevity and reduced motility levels.

Medical research is usually a unique opportunity to contribute to the community in regard to the world of medicine and science. The general community can also participate in medical research stages in that commonly as the researchers require the public at different levels of the research especially in drug clinical trials. Other than making a remarkable contribution to the community participants in paid medical research have an opportunity to earn some extra income. Professionals willing to join this field of medicine as researches require a basic medical understanding or even remarkable understanding in the research field like chemistry, biology, biochemistry. Medical research specialization is currently being...

Medical research is basically research work conducted majorly to help and support the knowledge body in the field of medicine. This can either be basic research, applied research or even translational research.

In normal practice medical research can broadly be classified into two categories. The first classification is the evaluation of new treatments for both safety and efficacy. This is in a type of research referred to as clinical trials. It can also be done in a research category that contributes to the development of new treatments. This research is commonly known as pre-clinical research and in most cases is done majorly to elaborate knowledge on the development of new therapeutic remedies.

The most current development in medical research is the translation research that generally focuses on iterative feedback. This is done between the basic and the clinical research domains to improve and increase knowledge translation. Medical research can either be done on public health, biochemistry, clinical research, microbiology, surgery, oncology and even research on non- communicable diseases like diabetes. mobile patrol servicesMedical research efforts by efforts made by scientists and engineers globally has taken science and technology to astounding heights. This has seen the development of outstanding inventions of cutting-edge laboratory equipments that have been used to...

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